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Rotary vibrating screens

Price: $1,890.00


Most advance design of screens for grading of fine, wet and difficult to screen materials. The screens works on the principle of gyratory motion

The unique features of this type of sieve is its high capacity using minimum space and less power. 

The screen has specially designed multi-directional vibration system which prevents blinding of sieves. The material to be screened is fed from the top and collected simultaneously from outlets of different decks. These screens can handle wide range of materials such as heavy, light, dry, wet, coarse or fine. The company manufactures various sizes to suit individual requirement in M S and S S construction. 

Vibratory motion is the most effective method for screening. It causes 100% rotary motion and causes dispersion stirring & stratification of material to be sifted. Feed material constantly flows in Horizontal motion along a loop pattern on Vibro screen surface."EXCEL" Vibro screen provides optimum screening & assures maximum feed-rate & efficiency 

The vibrating screen is an important part of the incepting steps in any industry. The companies which require the processes or have the steps involved in the separation, sizing, and sorting the various materials and their parts out have the operations done with the good quality screens.

Using the screens 

These screens are also called the vibrating sieves. The sieves we use regularly at home is in the ground level separation .i.e. small scale while the vibrating screen is the one which is used as a part of the initial processing of the raw materials in any industries. The cement industries, powder industries, companies that make spices, which produce fillers for food products etc. should have the correct mesh size to follow for the particles which are separated by these screens. 

Shape size make etc.

These are availed in huge flat, basket shaped, cylindrical, and curved or even the irregular format of shape. The size would however vary from the products used to separate. The basic principle behind such separation is the size of the mesh and the gravitational force. The dimensions decide the shape and kind of products to be separated. 

These screens are highly durable and tough made from the metals that are hard enough for the usage and corrosion free too. To avoid spillages as well there are mechanisms provided in the screen feeders

Technical Parameters : 

Type Productive capacity(kg/h) mesh Power of motor



Revolution of main shaft



Overall dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
ZS-365 60-500 12-200 0.55 1380 540*540*1060 80
ZS-515 100-1300 12-200 0.75 1370 710*710*1290 180
ZS-650 180-2000 12-200 1.5 1370 880*880*1350 250
ZS-800 250-350 5-325 1.5 1500 900*900*1200 300
ZS-1000 300-400 5-325 1.5 1500 1100*1100*1200 350
ZS-1500 350-450 5-325 2 1500 1600*1600*1200 400

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