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Portable 3 kg floatation gold concentrator

Column floatator - It is alternative to mercury use and cyanide processing, smallest model up to 400kg of concentrate  per hour 

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Chemicals for floatation  :

0.1 kg  of Turbo Float powder

0.5 l of HC Float liquid 

100g of pine oil 

Optional : we also can supply Cathode/Anode cartridges fits inside to convert this floatator to electroflotator to recover colloidal 100nm size and ion  metals.

This option suitable for recovery gold and other valuable metals from solutions. Cartridges  come with Regulated voltage  5 amp DCpower supply

Concentrator designed for recovery micron gold,sivver and platinum  by flotation . It can be used for recovery  valuable metals from concentrate, tailings, Lab scale tests for floatation methods applicability and small scale of primary gold recovery by floatation methods

Gold and electrum occur in nature form in a wide spread of sizes ranging from large lumps (nuggets) to fine particles (0.1 μm) to even finer sizes below the resolution of scanning electron microscopes.The range of applicability of flotation concentrator is from about 200 μm flakes to 1 μm particles. It is proved that smallest gold size to be recovered by best penning is 80 μm particles.

This revolutionary concentrator design makes possibility flotation of gold particles without additives. With little addition of collectors reagents gold recovery reach to 95% flotation all gold in size from 200 μm flakes to 1 μm particles. We supply such environmentally harmless reagents. Only 250 g of reagent per ton of concentrate adsorbs on gold and make nearly all gold particles to float.

Facts about natural micron gold:

All gold bearing rivers contain in water up to 0.05 gram of finest gold per m3 of water during high water and floods

This fine and colloidal gold deposits with clay in calm waters or floats to sea and deposits in shore.

Clay in gold bearing river can contain more then 1 gram per ton of fine gold. But this fine gold can be recovered only chemically or by floatation.

Instructions for use .

Process the concentrate ( or pulverized gold ore) by pan ( or other gravity separation ) for coarse gold recovery.

Process your tailings trough 100 mesh sieve.

Mix minus100 mesh tailings with water 1:5 by weight for pulp making.

For 20Kg concentrate use 100 l drum of water

Add 1 table spoon (12g) of backing soda per 100l of pulp.

Hang concentrator on drum wall , submersing pump site with circulating pipes inside drum

Process mixed pulp trough concentrator.

Gold concentrate will float with bubbles to froth collector.

To improve efficiency of concentrator additives must be used.( approximate cost of additives is 1 cent  per 1 kg of concentrate) 

Add half tea spoon of Super Float Powder ( 2 grams) per 20 kg of concentrate (100l pulp)

Add half tea spoon of HC Float liquid ( 2 ml) per 20 kg of concentrate (100l pulp)

Process pulp trough flotation for 5 minute for proper mixing

Add couple drops ( 1g approx) of pine oil ( froth maker) to 100l pull

Notice froth start to come to concentrator collector

Add extra 1 drop of pine oil every 1 minute

It takes 5-10 minutes for 100l pulp processing

Dry froth concentrate

Remove by strong magnet all magnetic particles

Clean gold concentrate chemically ( by aqua regia, chlorination or cyanide processing) or mix it with borax powder and melt all content in crucible .

floatator 10m3 2.jpg

Big size column floatator available  up to 2 ton per hour hard material  (10m3 pulp)  


Technical parameters  floatator 400kg/hour (1850L/h pulp )

  • Capacity of concentrate processing – 400 kg/h hard material
  • Recovery efficiency -up to 95%
  • Concentration ratio 30
  • VOLT:AC230/115V
  • FREQ:50/60Hz
  • POWER:35W
  • Pumping QMAX:1850L/h
  • SIZE:211x130x600mm
  • WEIGHT: 3 KG

Units can be paralleled for increase capacity

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PRICE USD $290.00  

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