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Ferrofluid magnetic separator FMS20

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The ferrofluid separation process based on the pondermotive action of magnetized separating medium, ferrofluid, on nonmagnetic bodies distributed in it

Ferrofluid magnetization in inhomogeneous magnetic field increases the acting body-force field density and, as consequence, the pressure gradient in it. The phenomenon considered as ferrofluid pseudoweighing and use it for separation of nonmagnetic materials by their specific weights, while controlling the magnetic field strength. The vibratory field and the vibration amplitude and frequency can be regulated for separation of material with SG difference ± 0.2 g/cm3 . Ferrofluid separator can be used as environmentally friendly device and simple device to extract free gold and other precious minerals out of Black Sand concentrate where other methods concidered too sophisticated and complicated ( centrifugal concentrators) or prohibited ( as mercury) to use  for recovery.

Ferrofluid magnetic separator FMS20 on induction magnets.

Applications recommended:

Dry placer gold mining after blower concentrate processing

Alternative method to mercury amalgamation

Fine gold recovery on final precessing step

Diamonds mining



  • Maximum capacity of processing concentrate kg/hour: in gold separation   20,0
  • in diamonds separation 200,0 (with modification )
  • Specific gravity (SG) of separation materials, g/cm3    2,6..19
  • Size of particles, μμ -4,0...+0,1
  • Minimal difference SG of materials can be separated
  • for SG 4g/cm3 - 8g/cm3 ±0,2
  • for SG 8g/cm3 - 15g/cm3 ±0,5

  • Volume of ferrofluid , ml 700..1000
  • Amplitude of vibration , μμ 0 — 2

  • Power consuption,W   2000

  • Mode of operation -continuos 

  • Weight, kg   1000

  • Dimentions mm : 1420 x860x1300

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