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Dredge AP-76SM


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Backpack silent operating 3-inch Suction Dredge -for gold, diamonds and gemstones prospecting and selective mining

Ordinary riffles accumulate heavy black sand, most of content are magnetic minerals. Magnetic minerals have specific gravity about 4.9-5.2g/cm3, and push out valuable gemstones( SG of ruby and saphires -4.0g/cm3, SG of diamonds- 3.5g/cm3). In all our dredges and sluices we use NbFeB Permannent Strong magnetic field ( B=1.5 Tesla), which removes all stong and week magnetic minerals. This also improves finest gold recovery due to fact 80% of concentrate is magnetic and removed from riffles.

1. 3-inch (76mm) stainless steel nozzle

2. Stainless steel riffles

3. Strong Magnetic separation system for recovery diamond and gemstones

4. Heavy duty hard impact plastic tube with riffles and NOMAD matting for fine gold recovery

5. DC 36Volts/16A, 300 L/min heavy-duty pump with fuse protection

6. 5m wire with on/off toggle switch

7. Li-polymer 20 AH 29.6V batteries in waterproof 3m deep and hard proof box

8. 5 amp Li-ion (can be used for charging NiMH, Ni Co, Lead -acid batteries also) intelligent charger/balancer from car battery/alternator

9. AC/DC adapter for charging fro 220Volt Ac outlet

10. Voltage cells meter/alarm for battery safety monitoring.

11. User manual


Technical parameters


Model AP-50SM AP-76SM AP-102SM
Suction nozzle diameter,mm 50 76 102
Pump DC 12Volts/25A DC 30-36Volts/16A 2xDC 30-36Volts/16A
Pump volume l/min 300 400 2x400
Production capacity -cub.m of gravel per hour 1 3 6
Size of tube, mm 1170x150x150 1170x150x150 1200x180x150
Weight( without battery) kg 8 9 13
Battery Li-polymer 20 AH  14.8V, 2kg Li-polymer 20 AH  29.6V, 4kg Li-polymer 40 AH  29.6V, 8kg
Battery charger (Li-,Ni-,Pb) from car or AC/DC adapter:      
Input voltage DC/AC 10-18.5V  DC 220V AC 10-18.5
Output voltage, V 0-35 35 35
Charger power, W 50 150 150




• Backpack Suction Dredge can be used for prospecting and selective mining for remote accessible areas.

• Comes with stabilizer buoyancy tank

• Dredge has advantage of low weight (9 kg compared to 3-inch floating dredge weight 110 kg)

• Not noisy at all

• Runs completely under water.

• Can be used with electric Hookah compressor for deep diving operations

• Not producing any dangerous exhaust fumes compared to fuel motor powered dredges

• Easy switch on /off operation.

• Best gold mining tool for beginners and professional miners

• Stainless steel suction nozzle last much longer compared to mild steel nozzles

• Easy cleaning process with just tip over in plastic container makes dredge very efficient for quick hole test

• Know-how special jet and box design increase suction and volume of running water.

• Can operate from portable Solar panel or portable in-stream mini hydro turbine

• Sliding extension rubber hose makes ease cleaning of narrow deep crevices and sure get all gold

• Dredge can be use also for treasure hunting in sea salt water application (comes with mesh version end box)

We recommend to empty dredge every 1-2 hours, it reduces fine gold loss and occasional tilts loses.

During operation we recommend frequently using the on /off switch. It will last battery running time and increase pump efficiency by cooling off the electric motor.

Dredge has improved riffles design with a woven wire matting system separating all fractions gold. Because pulp runs in close box, there are no air bubbles  surface tension  gold loss, which exists in open sluice box.

For quick cleaning process just tip over the tube in container with water

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