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Suction Dredge with MAGNETIC  recovery system on market for gold, diamonds and gemstones mining

Ordinary riffles accumulate heavy black sand, most of content are magnetic minerals. Magnetic minerals have specific gravity about 4.9-5.2g/cm3, and push out valuable gemstones( SG of ruby and saphires -4.0g/cm3, SG of diamonds- 3.5g/cm3). In our dredges and sluices we use NbFeB Permannent Strong magnetic field ( B=1.5 Tesla), which removes all stong and week magnetic minerals. This also improves finest gold recovery due to fact 80% of concentrate is magnetic and removed from riffles.

Dredges are powered by twin 13 HP 188F Petrol engines with Electric starts , Electric 12 V compressor , stainless steel Power Jet and Aluminum frame on two inflatable pontoons to increase portability. Dredges mounted on floatation modules with large decks. The sluice box designed for fine and coarse gold and equiped with stainless steel riffles with stainless steel classifier .Commercial gasoline engines twin 13 HP 188F equipped with electric start and Battery charger enough for working with 12 V compressor, guarantee long life, reliability and economy. The suction system has stainess steel power jet and twin logs to for maximum suction power and abrasion resistance compare to mild steel power jets.

In this model of dredge used only aluminum and stainless steel parts are designed for ease of assembly long last and with total weight 190 kg only.

Our dredge can be used in marine environment

Ask for our 6-inch Dredge with 2 x 11 HP diesel engines

Model AP6226

Engines 188F Electric start  2x13 hp

Pumps: Pressure 75m
Capacity 70m3/hour
Power Jet: 6" S/steel 1.0m with 2 logs 3"
Suction tip : 6" S/steel
Air Compressor : 12v electric
volume -150L/min
Float Dimension 1.6x2.8m
Pontoons, each:
weight 5.5kg
size D0.45mx2.8m
Buoyancy maximum each pontoon 370kg
Suction Depth 10m
Fuel Consumption 8l/h
Capacity 20 m3 per hour
Sluice Box 0.25x0.65x2.3m
Hose Length 10m
Net Weight 190kg
Shipping Weight 200kg




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